Meet Nikki!

The Ultimate CRM and Inbound lead management tool for photography studios. This all in one platform allows you to manage all of your inquiries from one central location.

Features Included for $199 Monthly

  • 2 Way Text & Email Conversations
  • GMB Messaging
  • Web Chat Widget
  • Reputation Management
  • Facebook Messenger
  • GMB Call Tracking
  • Missed Call Text Back
  • Text to Pay
  • Triggers
  • All Reporting
  • Trigger Links
  • SMS & Email Templates
  • Forms
  • Campaigns
  • HTML Builder
  • Websites
  • Calendar
  • Workflow
  • Opportunities
  • Funnels
  • CRM
  • Email Marketing

Our Program

Landing Pages and Campaign

Email Automations

Easily customize your follow-up campaigns across multiple channels. This allows you to connect via phone, voicemail drops, SMS, and even Facebook messenger.

Texting and Follow Up

Automatically book leads to your calendar with automated nurture conversations. Create customized text conversations to book appointments for you. You can also engage in two-way communication on any device.

Reputation Management

User friendly reputation management allows you to improve your reputation on Facebook and Google. You can easily generate and track reviews with the click of a button.

Birds-Eye View Reporting

Since all of your lead management is now in one place, you can easily glance at a summary of your pipelines, tasks, conversations, and reviews.

You'll receive 3048 texts or 1758 mins in calls or 40714 emails as a credit to your account every month.

Additional overages: $ 0.0325 / min telephony charge, $ 0.0213 / min to receive calls, $0.0014 / email and $ 0.0187 / sms for text messages.

$10 gives you an additional: 310 minutes for made calls, 470 minutes for received calls, or 535 text messages

$10 gives you about 7145 extra emails.

Social Media Management

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